Thorlo Racketball/Fitness Socks


Thorlos socks are specially padded to ensure maximum comfort during all your favorite activities. Thorlos socks provide blister-free comfort and protection. Also keep your feet comfortably warm even in extreme conditions. So why are Thorlos so good? As everyday life occurs we destroy the fat pads on our feet especially the heels and balls of our feet simply by walking around. Thorlo protects the fat pads from shear forces by transferring these forces from the fat pads to the cushion fabric of Thorlo, thorlo helps replace the function of the natural fat pads. The cushioning in the balls and heels gives maximum protection against shock abrasion and blisters. Lace pad cushioning, gives protection where your shoes lace up for the ultimate luxurious comfort. Exclusive Thorlo construction wicks away moisture quickly-Thorlon acrylic, yarns that are exclusively developed by Thorlo, regular or more common acrylic yarns would trap perspiration in the shoe environment leaving you damp and uncomfortable and more prone to blisters but the Thorlon acrylic fibres used are specially spun to maintain both softness and resilience which maximizes foot comfort, blister protection and product durability. 83% Thorlon acrylic, 12% Nylon and 5% Spandex. All together one of the best performance socks available on the market today. 

Condition: New