Gearing Up for Tough Terrain: Under Armour Tactical Boots Review (2024)

Under Armour has carved a niche in the world of athletics, becoming synonymous with innovative performance apparel. But did you know they’ve also made significant strides in the tactical footwear market? For those in the military, law enforcement, or who simply crave adventure in the great outdoors, having the right tactical boots is paramount. These boots are more than just footwear; they’re a trusted companion, offering critical support, protection, and performance in demanding environments.

When it comes to tactical boots, there are three key qualities users prioritize:

  • Durability: These boots need to withstand harsh conditions, rough terrain, and constant wear and tear. Top-notch materials and construction are essential.
  • Performance: Tactical boots should provide exceptional traction, stability, and support, allowing users to navigate diverse environments with confidence. Features like shock absorption and breathability also play a crucial role.
  • Comfort: Long days and unpredictable situations call for boots that prioritize comfort. Features like anatomical footbeds and lightweight designs ensure all-day wearability without sacrificing performance.

Under Armour Steps Up: A Look at Their Tactical Boot Offerings

Under Armour wasn’t always a name synonymous with tactical footwear, but their foray into this market has been impressive. They’ve leveraged their expertise in athletic apparel to develop a range of tactical boots that prioritize performance, durability, and comfort for demanding situations.

Under Armour’s tactical boot lineup caters to various needs and preferences. Some of their popular models include:

  • Valsetz: A classic choice known for its rugged construction and reliable performance.
  • UA Clutch: This boot emphasizes a lightweight design with innovative UA ClutchFit™ technology for a comfortable, locked-in fit.
  • TAC UA Fast Fit: This side-zip option prioritizes convenience and offers a combination of durability and breathability.

What truly sets Under Armour apart is their commitment to innovation. They incorporate cutting-edge technologies and materials into their tactical boots, ensuring they meet the high standards of military, law enforcement, and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Built to Endure: Unveiling the Key Features of Under Armour Tactical Boots

Under Armour doesn’t compromise on durability. Their tactical boots are crafted with top-of-the-line materials specifically chosen to withstand the harshest environments. Expect to find:

  • High-quality materials: Look for shells constructed from full-grain leather or ballistic nylon, renowned for their exceptional tear and abrasion resistance. These materials can handle anything from rugged hikes to navigating dense brush.
  • Reinforced stitching and construction: Under Armour doesn’t skimp on build quality. Reinforced stitching and overall construction techniques ensure these boots are built to last, offering long-lasting wear and tear resistance.

But durability is just one piece of the puzzle. Under Armour understands the importance of peak performance in tactical situations. Their boots boast features that enhance your capabilities:

  • UA HOVR™ cushioning: This innovative technology absorbs shock impact, translating it into explosive energy return. This reduces fatigue and keeps you performing at your best throughout the day.
  • Vibram® outsoles: A legend in the footwear industry, Vibram® outsoles deliver exceptional traction on various terrains. Whether you’re navigating slippery rocks, loose gravel, or wet surfaces, these outsoles provide the confidence you need to move with assured footing.

Under Armour recognizes the importance of keeping your feet comfortable and dry. They offer a range of features for optimal climate control:

  • Waterproof and breathable membranes: Select Under Armour tactical boots, like the UA Clutch, utilize waterproof and breathable membranes. This technology keeps your feet dry from external moisture while allowing sweat vapor to escape, preventing overheating and discomfort. (Here, you can mention the specific technology used in the UA Clutch, like UA ClutchFit™ for a locked-in, comfortable fit that complements the breathable membrane).

Comfort is paramount during extended wear. Under Armour incorporates features that prioritize user comfort:

  • Anatomical footbeds: These footbeds provide superior arch support and conform to the natural shape of your foot, reducing fatigue and ensuring all-day comfort.
  • Padded collars: Padded collars offer additional comfort and support around the ankle, minimizing chafing and irritation during long periods of wear.

Under Armour also understands the importance of weight in tactical situations. Many of their boots boast lightweight designs that reduce foot fatigue and allow for quicker movement without sacrificing essential features.

Comparing Under Armour Tactical Boots: Finding the Perfect Fit

Under Armour offers a variety of tactical boots to cater to different needs and preferences. Here’s a comparison of three popular models:

FeatureValsetz RTSUA Clutch FitTAC UA Fast Fit
Key Features* Waterproof & breathable * Vibram® outsole * Enhanced ankle support * Durable construction* UA ClutchFit™ for locked-in fit * Breathable mesh panels * Lightweight design * UA HOVR™ cushioning* Side-zip closure for convenience * Breathable upper * Lightweight & flexible * Oil- and slip-resistant outsole
Potential Uses* Military operations * Law enforcement * Hiking * Rugged terrain* Patrolling * Light duty operations * Warmer climates * Everyday wear* Tactical maneuvers * Rapid movement * Patrolling * Light hiking

Selecting the Perfect Under Armour Tactical Boot: Your Needs Met

With an understanding of Under Armour’s tactical boot offerings and their key features, you’re well on your way to finding the perfect pair for your specific needs. Here are some factors to consider when making your choice:

Ankle Support:

  • Mid-calf boots (like the Valsetz RTS): These offer maximum ankle stability and support, ideal for military operations, law enforcement duties, or navigating uneven terrain.
  • Ankle boots (like the UA Clutch and TAC UA Fast Fit): These provide a good balance of mobility and support, suitable for patrolling, light duty operations, or everyday wear.

Terrain and Weather Conditions:

  • Rugged terrain and wet environments: Prioritize waterproof and breathable boots like the Valsetz RTS with a Vibram® outsole for superior traction.
  • Warmer climates or situations requiring breathability: Opt for boots like the UA Clutch with breathable mesh panels for optimal foot climate control.
  • Light hiking or tactical maneuvers: Consider lightweight and flexible boots like the TAC UA Fast Fit for quick movement and comfort.


  • Military operations or extended wear: While offering superior support, mid-calf boots like the Valsetz RTS might be heavier. Lighter options like the UA Clutch or TAC UA Fast Fit can be ideal for prioritizing mobility.

Intended Use:

  • Military operations: Prioritize features like waterproof membranes, Vibram® outsoles, and maximum ankle support (Valsetz RTS).
  • Law enforcement duties: Consider a balance of support, breathability, and weight (Valsetz RTS or UA Clutch).
  • Hiking: Look for features like breathability, lightweight design, and good traction (UA Clutch or TAC UA Fast Fit).

Remember, this is a guide, and some overlap exists. For example, the Valsetz RTS with its durability can be a great choice for hiking, while the UA Clutch’s breathability might be valuable for some law enforcement duties.

By considering these factors and the specific features of each Under Armour tactical boot model, you’ll be well-equipped to choose the perfect pair for your next adventure.

User Verdict: What Wearers Say About Under Armour Tactical Boots

Under Armour tactical boots generally receive positive reviews from users, with some recurring themes emerging:


  • Durability: Many users praise the boots’ tough construction and high-quality materials, stating they hold up well under demanding use.
  • Comfort: Anatomical footbeds, padded collars, and lightweight designs are frequently mentioned for providing long-lasting comfort during extended wear.
  • Performance: Traction on various terrains, shock absorption through technologies like UA HOVR™, and ankle support (especially in mid-calf models) are often highlighted as key performance benefits.


  • Break-in period: Some users mention a required break-in period for the boots to feel comfortable, especially with new models.
  • Waterproofing: While waterproof membranes are a plus, a few reviews mention concerns about breathability or complete waterproofing after extended use.

It’s important to note that user experiences can vary. For a well-rounded perspective, consider reading reviews from reputable retailers that allow verified purchases only. This helps ensure the feedback comes from real users who have experience with the boots.

Beyond Under Armour: Exploring Other Top Tactical Boot Brands

While Under Armour offers a compelling selection of tactical boots, it’s always wise to consider other reputable brands in the market. Here are a few well-established names known for their quality tactical footwear:

  • Bates: A trusted brand with a long history of supplying military and law enforcement personnel. Bates boots are renowned for their durability, performance, and comfort.
  • Salomon: Known for their expertise in outdoor footwear, Salomon offers tactical boots that prioritize comfort, agility, and performance on diverse terrains.
  • Danner: A heritage brand specializing in outdoor footwear, Danner also offers a line of tactical boots known for their exceptional craftsmanship, durability, and weather resistance.

Remember, the “best” tactical boot brand depends on your specific needs and preferences. Consider factors like brand reputation, available features, user reviews, and personal comfort when making your final decision.

Extending the Life of Your Investment: Caring for Your Under Armour Tactical Boots

Under Armour tactical boots are built to last, but proper care significantly enhances their performance and longevity. Here are some key tips:


  • Brush off dirt and debris: After each use, remove any loose dirt, mud, or debris with a stiff brush. Pay attention to crevices and the soles.
  • Spot clean with a mild solution: For tougher stains, use a mild soap and water solution to clean the exterior of the boots. Avoid harsh chemicals or detergents that can damage the materials.
  • Let them air dry naturally: Never put your tactical boots in the dryer or expose them to direct heat. Stuff them with newspaper to absorb moisture and allow them to air dry completely.


  • Store in a cool, dry place: Avoid storing your boots in extreme temperatures or direct sunlight. This can dry out the leather and accelerate wear. Choose a well-ventilated location for optimal storage.
  • Maintain their shape: When not in use, insert shoe trees or crumpled newspaper to help the boots retain their shape and prevent creasing.

Waterproofing (if applicable):

  • Check the waterproofing capabilities of your boots: Not all Under Armour tactical boots are waterproof. If yours are, use a waterproofing spray specifically designed for breathable footwear. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application and frequency.

By following these simple care tips, you can ensure your Under Armour tactical boots perform at their best for years to come.

The Final Verdict on Under Armour Tactical Boots

Under Armour has emerged as a strong contender in the tactical footwear market. Their boots prioritize the key qualities users demand:

  • Durability: Top-notch materials and construction ensure these boots can withstand harsh environments and constant wear.
  • Performance: Features like UA HOVR™ cushioning, Vibram® outsoles, and waterproof membranes enhance stability, traction, and foot climate control.
  • Comfort: Anatomical footbeds, padded collars, and lightweight designs provide long-lasting comfort during extended wear.

Under Armour tactical boots cater to a wide range of users, including:

  • Military personnel: The boots offer the durability and support needed for demanding operations.
  • Law enforcement professionals: Features like breathability and comfort are valuable for long shifts and unpredictable situations.
  • Outdoor enthusiasts: Under Armour tactical boots provide the performance and protection needed for challenging hikes and adventures.

Ready to find the perfect pair of Under Armour tactical boots for your needs? Here are some resources:

  • Under Armour Official Website: Browse their selection and learn more about specific features and technologies.
  • Authorized Retailers: Many reputable retailers carry Under Armour tactical boots. Look for stores catering to outdoor gear or law enforcement equipment.

Remember, reading verified user reviews can provide valuable insights before making your final decision. With their commitment to performance, durability, and comfort, Under Armour tactical boots can be a trusted companion for your next adventure.

People Also Ask (PAA)

Are Under Armour tactical boots good for hiking?

Some Under Armour tactical boots can be excellent for hiking, especially those with features like:

  • Lightweight design: For easier movement on long hikes.
  • Breathable materials: Like those found in the UA Clutch, to prevent overheating.
  • Good traction: Provided by outsoles like Vibram®, for stability on various terrains.

However, some features of tactical boots might not be ideal for all hiking situations. For example, mid-calf boots (like the Valsetz RTS) offer great ankle support but might be warmer than necessary for light hikes in hot weather.

Consider the specific features of each boot and your planned hiking conditions to make the best choice.

Are Under Armour tactical boots comfortable?

Under Armour prioritizes comfort in their tactical boots. Features like:

  • Anatomical footbeds: Provide arch support and conform to your foot shape.
  • Padded collars: Minimize chafing and irritation.
  • Lightweight designs: Reduce foot fatigue.

However, some users mention a break-in period for new boots. Reading reviews can offer insights on the comfort level of specific models.

How waterproof are Under Armour tactical boots?

Not all Under Armour tactical boots are waterproof. Some models, like the Valsetz RTS, utilize waterproof membranes. However, even waterproof boots might have limitations, especially after extended use.

Check the specific features of each model and consider using a waterproofing spray designed for breathable footwear to maintain water resistance.

Where to buy Under Armour tactical boots?

You can find Under Armour tactical boots in several places:

  • Under Armour Official Website: Browse the selection and learn more about each boot’s features.
  • Authorized Retailers: Many stores carry Under Armour tactical boots, including those specializing in outdoor gear or law enforcement equipment. Look for reputable retailers with verified reviews for a positive buying experience.

What are the weight differences between Under Armour tactical boots?

Under Armour offers a range of weights in their tactical boots. The Valsetz RTS, for example, prioritizes durability and might be heavier due to its mid-calf construction. Conversely, the UA Clutch and TAC UA Fast Fit are known for their lightweight design, ideal for situations requiring mobility.

Do Under Armour tactical boots offer any warranty?

Warranty coverage can vary depending on the specific model and retailer. It’s recommended to check the warranty information on the Under Armour website or the retailer’s product page before purchasing.

How do Under Armour tactical boots compare to other brands in terms of price?

Under Armour tactical boots fall within a mid-range to higher-end price point compared to other brands. The price reflects the quality materials, innovative technologies, and overall performance focus.

Are there any specific care instructions for different materials used in Under Armour tactical boots?

Yes, there might be slight variations in care depending on the materials. Always refer to the specific care instructions provided with your boots, or check the Under Armour website for recommendations on cleaning different materials like leather, ballistic nylon, or synthetic fabrics.

Can I use insoles with Under Armour tactical boots?

Yes, most Under Armour tactical boots have removable insoles, allowing you to use your preferred insoles for added comfort or arch support.

How often should I replace my Under Armour tactical boots?

The replacement timeframe depends on usage frequency and intensity. Regular cleaning and proper care can extend the lifespan of your boots. However, signs of wear like excessive sole wear, broken stitching, or compromised waterproofing might indicate it’s time for a new pair.

Are Under Armour tactical boots considered a good value for money?

This depends on your needs and priorities. Under Armour boots offer a combination of durability, performance, and comfort. If you require a reliable and long-lasting tactical boot for demanding situations, Under Armour can be a good value considering the quality and features provided.

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